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For Consumers

Problem: Modern cars offer many automated and complex features, and while incredible, they raise significant safety and user experience issues due to a lack of driver knowledge.

Solution: With the netpeople Knowledge Assistant for Automotive, consumers can find exactly what they are looking for in a fraction of the time and in a way that is safe and efficient.



Problem: Automotive owner's manuals contain pertinent information for drivers. However, both paper and digital manuals are outdated, not safe to access while driving, and are too overwhelming to provide adequate guidance for drivers when they need it.

Nobody Reads the Manual!

Solution: The netpeople Knowledge Assistant highlights your commitment to advanced technology. netpeople makes it easy and cost-effective to take your product information and build your own branded Conversational Assistant that empowers drivers and provides a safe and superior experience!

The New

Knowledge Assistant


Converting User Manuals into 

Intelligent Conversational Assistants for a

Simple, Safe and Fun driving experience!

What's Great About the
Knowledge Assistant?


10x more knowledge in 1/10th the time

  • Automatically convert an Automotive manual into thousands of Q&A; significantly more efficient than traditional approaches

  • Developer Tools enable creation of a fully customized and branded Assistant built for your specific model and configuration

What's New in 2021?


Improved Automation through...

  • Expanded Automotive-specific datasets and improved state-of-the-art models for higher quality Q&A generation

  • Upgraded Developer Tools to incorporate graphics and table conversion, VIN code support, state and event support, etc.

  • New Automated Testing tools that completely replace the need for manual testing!


Improved Conversation Quality through…

  • A Trybrid NLU that combines a large language model, proprietary DL models and linguistic rules

  • The ability to customize NLU and Ontology

  • More natural automated dialogs for friendly interactions

  • Multi-sentence generation, enabling answer generation for both high and low level questions

Improved Ability for Handling
Complex Manuals through...

  • Support for embedded car configurations

  • Conversion of different content types such as notes, cautions, warnings into Questions and Answers

  • Ability to extract OEM-specific terms to either expand our Automotive NLU's understanding, or create a customized Ontology

What Our Users Say

Market Proof Assets_01-01.png
Market Proof Assets_02-02.png

90% of users said that a Knowledge Assistant made them feel more knowledgable about vehicle functions. 

70% of users said they would feel safer with a Knowledge Assistant implemented in their vehicle.

Human Systems Lab | University of Windsor

What OEM's Say


Major OEM

The netpeople Knowledge Assistant had higher knowledge of user manuals, higher quality of responses, and the automation was much better when compared to our current process! (Current process was built by a leading Automotive Tech brand)

Don’t Just Believe Us, See For Yourself!

An AI Assistant for the
Tesla Model 3


mia for Tesla was built especially for the Tesla Model 3. 

mia knows a lot about the Tesla Model 3. In fact, she knows everything from the Owner's Manual, and she's learning more every day!


We have a lot more to show you!


We Invite you to book a personal information session with our CEO, Ron Di Carlantonio where you will receive:

  • A private demonstration of the newest developments to the  

      Knowledge Assistant Platform

  • Metrics from our User Study done with the University of Windsor

  • Explanation on how our Knowledge Assistant platform compares to other State-Of-The-Art NLU systems and Q&A Generators (Hint - it's better!

  • Access to the mia for Tesla Beta application 

  • A sneak peek into what we're preparing for                        2022

  • A deep dive into the kind of Knowledge Assistant that iNAGO can build for you!

Book through the link in Ron's email to you, or using the button below!

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