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The netpeople

Assistant Platform Ecosystem


Build an interactive and intelligent vehicle interface

Your brand, your services, your business

Powered by the netpeople® Assistant Platform


MIH is building the Open EV Automotive platform consortium for the next generation of mobility. They prioritize a seamless user facing experience by partnering with State-of-the-Art software companies to accelerate innovation.


iNAGO is a perfect member this strategic alliance. With our Open APIs and deep integration into the car, we can make the next generation of connected and complex products, like cars, simpler, smarter, safer and more fun.

netpeople® Supports a

Technology Ecosystem.

iNAGO's netpeople is the platform that can interface with all of the complex technologies included in the MIH alliance and allow the user to interact easily with them through one seamless voice.


The iNAGO Intelligent Cockpit Platform

Bridges the Gap between User and Car

The Intelligent Cockpit Initiative provides natural voice interaction, and turns all the complexity of the vehicle's technology into a simple, safe, fun experience for the next generation of mobility!

How does it Work?


Conversational AI assistants with Deep Natural Language Understanding. One 'voice' that users interact with for all technologies


A user-friendly development and deployment platform platform to make development faster, better, easier than traditional methods

Open APIs with modern industry standards such as VSS, MQTT. 

This makes for easier integration of many different technologies into one borderless experience

Add-ons for Personalization, Recommendation, Driver Behavior and Smart Component Integration

A standard in-vehicle communication architecture 

Content and infotainment services, car information, feature control and more!

What OEMs Say

It is now possible to create assistants for large amounts of data, which was difficult to achieve with conventional methods.

- Japanese OEM


Using the netpeople Platform, we were able to generate and answer complicated questions that were higher quality and had a higher automation than our current process. The platform also allowed more flexibility through self-service data integration!

- European OEM

We were able to significantly reduce the time and man-hours required to develop assistants compared to traditional methods.

- Japanese OEM

Conversation recognition accuracy is very high. It's not just a manual search, it gives us the information we want. Even the vaguest of questions got a good answer.

- Japanese OEM

How We Create a Superior  
Automotive User Experience

(Like Kitt from Knightrider!)


10x more knowledge in 1/10th the time

  • Automatically convert any manual into thousands of Q&A; significantly more efficient than traditional approaches

  • Developer Tools enable creation of a fully customized and branded Assistant built for your specific model and configuration

The netpeople Automotive NLU system answers user questions more accurately and intuitively.

  • 35% more accurate than BERT

  • Independent University Study showed successfully answered driver queries 92% of the time

Major European OEM study showed “significantly higher accuracy than their current solution”


* Goal is Rank of 1 equating to correct answer.

* BERT NOT tuned with iNAGO Automotive corpus

* Hybrid will be in future netpeople version

How We Compare to
NLU / Search Systems

See Our Latest Development!

An AI Assistant for the
Tesla Model 3


mia for Tesla was built from the Tesla Model 3 manual using the latest netpeople Knowledge Assistant system. 

From 200+ page manual to over 1000 Questions that can be answered by mia.

Currently in Closed Beta Testing with Tesla users. To learn more, and gain access to mia for Tesla, book a meeting with us!

Join our Ecosystem!

We Invite you to book a personal demonstration with our CEO, Ron, so we can show:

  • Full Communication and Integration Architecture

  • Demonstration of mia for Tesla, including early access to the application

  • A preview of our Tesla Model 3 Intelligent Cockpit showcase for CES 2022

And, find out how you fit into the Ecosystem! 

Thanks! We'll be in touch shortly to book your session!

learn more

Special Thanks to our
Academic Partners!


Dr. Aijun An

Academic Partner


Professor, York University

Dept. of Computer Science


Expertise in data mining, machine learning, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 3.41.36 PM.png

Dr. Gerald Penn

Academic Partner


Associate Chair, University of Toronto

Dept. of Computer Science


Expertise in NLP, Mathematical Linguistics, 

Speech Summarization, Linguistic Visualization, Language parsing,…

Dr. Scot Sanner

Academic Partner


Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Dept. of Industrial Engineering


Expertise in Recommender systems, Information Retrieval,

Applied Machine Learning

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