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The netpeople

Assistant Platform Ecosystem


Build an intelligent and natural vehicle interface

Connecting Technology and Services into a seamless User Experience in the Car

Powered by the netpeople® Assistant Platform


MIH is building the Open EV Automotive platform consortium for the next generation of Electric Vehicles. They prioritize a seamless user-facing experience by partnering with State-of-the-Art software companies to accelerate innovation.


iNAGO is a new member of the MIH strategic alliance working to build software standards for the next generation of vehicle user interface, including in-car and cloud technologies and services, driven by AI and natural language interaction.

iNAGO is bringing their netpeople Assistant Platform, intelligent cockpit software architecture and Automotive AI expertise into the MIH EV Alliance and Platform to allow partners to build automotive interfaces with integrated technologies, components and services for the next generation of mobility user experience.


As a member of the MIH Consortium...

Using the netpeople Platform, we were able to generate and answer complicated questions that were higher quality and had a higher automation than our current process. The platform also allowed more flexibility through its self-service data integration!

- European OEM

iNAGO's netpeople Assistant Platform

The netpeople Assistant Platform enables the development of intelligent assistants with deep vehicle knowledge, control and services to deliver the ultimate user experience in and out of the car.  netpeople includes:


A user-friendly development and deployment platform that makes the building of intelligent assistants fast, efficient and high quality


State-of-the-Art conversational AI technology to better understand natural language in context

Open APIs to enable easy integration into 3rd party technologies, content and services

Unique technology to convert owner's manuals into knowledge to allow assistants to instantly know everything about the car

Support for any user touch point such as smartphone, smart speakers and directly to the car

Preset assistant applications for infotainment services, car information, feature control and more

An ecosystem of partners integrating AI technologies for Personalization, Recommendation, Driver Behavior and more

This is the only assistant technology that is deeply integrated into car data.

- American OEM


iNAGO's Intelligent Cockpit Architecture

Now, iNAGO is introducing a new in-car architecture that deeply integrates the netpeople Assistant Platform into the vehicle with open standards to enable all technologies to work together. All while enabling AI for personalization and a central human-like interface - the personal assistant of the vehicle.  

iNAGO is working with Tier 1 partners to create and deliver this architecture to allow different technologies to work seamlessly together, and provide OEM and mobility providers an ecosystem to build their own custom experience.  


iNAGO's Intelligent Cockpit Architecture Includes:

  • A clearly defined architecture for in-vehicle components with connectivity to the cloud

  • An intelligent assistant application for communication with a cloud assistant and services, as well as support for Speech Recognition, Text to Speech, etc.

  • Support for modern standards such as VSS and MQTT to provide communication between all modules

  • Display applications that are used to control individual vehicle screens 

  • Vehicle and Control application to interface between the CAN/OBD2 and cloud vehicle data and the cockpit modules

  • Plug and Play abilities for new technologies, updates, and Smart Component Integration

And most importantly, it is open to share and evolve with the MIH alliance!

We were able to significantly reduce the time and human-hours required to develop assistants compared to traditional methods.

- Japanese OEM

How We Create a Superior  
Automotive User Experience

(Like Kitt from Knightrider!)

One Seamless Voice

  • The User can interact with all integrated technologies through a single Conversational Assistant

  • Users can access information, and control technologies safely through natural language, gesture, and touch interactions

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Contact us to learn more about netpeople assistant platform, this new intelligent architecture and how we can work together to create the next generation of mobility user experience.

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