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Meet the
Knowledge Assistant 

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Natural and accurate conversational AI for automotive

The fusion of iNAGO's cutting-edge netpeople technology with generative AI has resulted in the development of a highly advanced car assistant. The Knowledge Assistant is equipped to provide comprehensive information and insights on any type of vehicle, making it an unparalleled resource for drivers.

10x the Knowledge, 1/10 the Effort

The Knowledge Assistant offers drivers effortless interaction with the vehicle through natural language conversation and learning. With state-of-art technology, the owner's manual can be generated into knowledge effortlessly for every brand and every vehicle.

Vehicle Specific

A Knowledge Assistant can answer 1000s of questions about your vehicle. It easily aids drivers in understanding specific features, issues, and services to provide a simple, smart, and safe experience.

100% Automated

It all starts with the owner's manual, which iNAGO's generative AI can use to make accurate knowledge. And the netpeople platform can be used to customize and expand with just the click of a button.


With advanced contextual language 

understanding, iNAGO's state-of-art AI delivers vehicle knowledge through natural conversation and guarantees high quality responses.

70% of users said they would feel safer with a Knowledge Assistant implemented in their vehicle.

Human Systems Lab | University of Windsor

"It's hot in here! How can I turn on the air conditioning?"

Imagine being able to ask your car...

"What does the red blinking circle mean?"

"Can you explain how autopilot works for this car? 

How do I control the child lock in this vehicle?

With the full netpeople platform,
the Knowledge Assistant can do even more.

Netpeople + Knowledge Assistant

Feature Recommendation
Feature Control

See it all in action!

Look at all of the tasks that the Knowledge Assistant can do with netpeople technology!


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