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mia for Tesla
An AI assistant for Tesla

mia for Tesla was built especially for the Tesla Model 3. 

mia knows a lot about the Tesla Model 3. In fact, she knows everything from the Owner's Manual, she's learning more every day!


We invite you to try mia for Tesla as a private Beta version, and discover how mia can help you!

Who is mia? 


Intelligent app

mia for Tesla is an advanced, AI-driven application for Automotive, powered by iNAGO's netpeople platform. 


Conversational Assistant

mia is a Conversational Assistant, that is not only intelligent, but friendly and easy to use!


Built for your Model 3

mia knows a lot about the Tesla Model 3, and is happy to answer any of your questions!

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Good AI starts with great interactions, and your input is integral to our development.


About the project

iNAGO has been working on Research and Development with Ontario Universities to create a new advanced system that eliminates the physical owner's manual.


mia for Tesla is your guide, your friend, and your assistant. 


We need you!

We want you to use mia in your car, and anytime you have a question about your Tesla, or just want to learn more!

mia for Tesla is not currently available to the public, but she will be soon. First, we need your help, so mia can grow! Since mia learns with AI, the more you use her, the more she evolves, and the better she will get! 


In your Tesla, use Drive mode for Safe Voice Interaction


Outside your Tesla, use Mobile mode for Voice or Text interaction!

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