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Embrace Spontaneity



a world where you can embrace spontaneity without the worry.

like having a trusted travel companion, a knowledgeable tour guide, and friend.

Whether you're in a bustling city or a remote corner of the world, TaikenPilot suggests interesting places and experiences tailored to you, freeing you from the hassle of planning.

Embrace spontaneity, discover the extraordinary, and let TaikenPilot be your passport to unforgettable journeys...anytime, anywhere, and right now!"

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Discover Personal Destinations

TaikenPilot’s AI instantly recommends personalized places and activities based on your preferences and current location, empowering you to make spontaneous choices with confidence.


Your Virtual Travel Companion 

TaikenPilot is your virtual travel companion, providing real-time insights, tips, and suggestions, just like a knowledgeable friend would. It ensures you're well-informed and well-accompanied, while on the go.


Seamless Spontaneity

TaikenPilot takes the stress out of travel planning, allowing you to be as spontaneous as you desire. With your own intuitive assistant, you can effortlessly explore new destinations and embark on unforgettable adventures with ease and confidence.

Steps on your Journey


Setup your Profile

  • Provide information about your travel preferences, interests, and any specific requirements or restrictions you may have.


Select your Destination

  • Choose your destination or allow TaikenPilot to use your current location. The app will analyze your profile and location to suggest tailored places to explore. Choose one or more and go!



Travel and Explore

  • Explore the area on the way with TaikenPilot as your virtual companion. The app will provide interesting insights and new recommendations for interesting places to add to your journey.


Use Cases

Sarah, a busy professional, is craving a spontaneous weekend escape from her daily routine. She's looking to explore a new city but doesn't want the hassle of planning every detail in advance.

Instant Destination Ideas: Sarah opens TaikenPilot and it quickly suggests a nearby city known for its vibrant arts scene and culinary delights


Tailored Recommendations: The app takes into account Sarah's preferences for art, food, and cultural experiences. It recommends a charming 18th century castle in the heart of the city, art galleries showcasing local talent, and a list of top-rated restaurants.


Real-time Exploration: As Sarah travels to the city, TaikenPilot acts as her virtual tour guide. It provides historical insights about landmarks along the way, suggests new hidden places to stop by, and even recommends a cool organic coffee shop she would have otherwise missed.


Spontaneous Adventures: Sarah decides to take a detour and follow TaikenPilot's recommendation to visit a lesser-known art district. She spends the afternoon immersed in local art and culture, all thanks to the app's guidance.


Dining Delights: In the evening, TaikenPilot suggests a cozy local restaurant renowned for its fusion cuisine. Sarah enjoys a memorable dinner, taking in the flavors of the city.


Unlock new adventures wherever and whenever you want with TaikenPilot.

Unleash Your Spontaneity, start the journey now!

Discover TaikenPilot-Logo

Discover TaikenPilot-Logo

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Subscription Tiers

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  • Personalized trip planning

  • On-route recommendations


$5 / month

  • Personalized trip planning

  • On-route recommendations

  • Smart navigation

  • Built-in tour guide function

  • Points earning while traveling

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