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For Consumers


Solution: With the netpeople Knowledge Assistant for Automotive, consumers can find exactly what they are looking for in a fraction of the time and in a way that is safe and efficient.



Solution: The netpeople Knowledge Assistant highlights your commitment to advanced technology, delivering a safe and superior user experience. Netpeople makes it easy and cost-effective for you to use your product information to build and maintain your own branded assistant solution!

The new netpeople KA

Converting user manuals into 

Intelligent Conversational Assistants for a

Simple, safe and fun driving experience!

What's great about theKA


Advanced AI Technology

  • State of the art Automotive NLU technology to create high quality Knowledge Assistants that can answer questions more intuitively than previous versions!

  • Higher quality Q&A Generation than the standard state-of-the-art models such as BERT, GPT-2, and others


10x more knowledge in 1/10th the time

  • Ability to automatically convert a full Automotive manual into thousands of Q&A

  • Creating and maintaining assistant content is Quick and Easy!

  • Compared to traditional knowledge creation approaches, it showed that 10 times more Q&A knowledge can be created with one tenth the production time.

Deep User Behaviour Analytics

We've upgraded our Analytics services for real-time tracking of user interactions and quality of Assistant responses!


  • Better understand user behaviour and the issues they may have

  • Ensure that your Knowledge Assistant can be updated quickly and efficiently 

  • Build a seamless user experience around your vehicle that your customers will love!


Integration with car data 

Automotive specific NLU

Included trained automotive manuals

Q&A dataset for Automotive

What's New

What Our Users Say

Market Proof Assets_03-03.png

90% of users said that a Knowledge Assistant made them feel more knowledgable about vehicle functions. 

Market Proof Assets_02-02.png

70% of users said they would feel safer with a Knowledge Assistant implemented in their vehicle.

Market Proof Assets_04-04.png

The Knowledge Assistant sucessfully answered user queries 92% of the time. 

Market Proof Assets_01-01.png

90% of users said that a Knowledge Assistant made them feel more knowledgable about vehicle functions. 

Human Systems Lab | University of Windsor

What OEMs Say


Major OEM

The netpeople Knowledge Assistant had higher knowledge of user manuals, higher quality of responses, and the automation was much better when compared to their current process (built by a leading Automotive Tech brand)


Major OEM

iNAGO's netpeople had a high accuracy in Q&A, a reduction of effort for additional new manuals, and a highly automated process!


* Goal is Rank of 1 equating to correct answer.

* BERT NOT tuned with iNAGO Automotive corpus

* Hybrid will be in future netpeople version

The netpeople Automotive NLU system answers user questions more accurately and intuitively.

  • 35% more accurate than BERT

  • Independent University Study showed successfully answered driver queries 92% of the time

Major European OEM study showed “significantly higher accuracy than their current solution”

How We Compare to
NLU / Search Systems

netpeople Q&A Generator generates Q&A at an accuracy higher than state of the art models.

  • 31% higher than T5 with the Squad dataset

  • 12% higher than custom tuned GPT2 model.


How We Compare to State-Of-The-Art Automotive Q&A Generation

Don’t just believe us, now, you can try it for yourself!
Introducing our New Knowledge Assistant:
mia for Tesla!

An AI Assistant for the
Tesla Model 3


mia for Tesla was built especially for the Tesla Model 3. 

mia knows a lot about the Tesla Model 3. In fact, she knows everything from the Owner's Manual, and she's learning more every day!


Special Thanks to our
Academic Partners!


Dr. Aijun An

Academic Partner


Professor, York University

Dept. of Computer Science


Expertise in data mining, machine learning, information retrieval, and artificial intelligence

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 3.41.36 PM.png

Dr. Gerald Penn

Academic Partner


Associate Chair, University of Toronto

Dept. of Computer Science


Expertise in NLP, Mathematical Linguistics, 

Speech Summarization, Linguistic Visualization, Language parsing,…

Dr. Scot Sanner

Academic Partner


Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Dept. of Industrial Engineering


Expertise in Recommender systems, Information Retrieval,

Applied Machine Learning

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