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iNAGO at AutoTech!

Join us at AutoTech 2024 to discover our Advanced AI-based conversational assistants for automotive. iNAGO’s netpeople platform allows automakers to deliver their own intelligent assistant with:

  • High accuracy,

  • Controllable experience,

  • Cost and Time efficient development and maintenance


​Let us show you how we can help you use the latest in generative AI, with the accuracy and reliability you need.  

Date: June 5-6
Location: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI
Booth: 509 - Ontario Pavilion.

AI Assistants for Automotive

Accuracy and Control 

Highest Accuracy

iNAGO's latest netpeople AI technology uses LLMs, a tribrid RAG model and knowledge graph, trained on vehicle specific data to create the highest level of accuracy to ensure your customer gets the right answer.


Plus, iNAGO's easy-to-use and intuitive netpeople platform allows you to take full control of the development and deployment process. Fine-tune your AI Assistant to meet your specific needs!


Integration with Car Data

iNAGO's AI Assistants are deeply integrated with car data allowing them to leverage comprehensive vehicle data to provide:

  • Contextual answers relative to the car model and situation.

  • Proactive assistance to help with fault troubleshooting, cautions, and more.

  • Personalized recommendations.

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Our AI Assistants are designed to not only enhance the driving experience but also to open up exciting monetization opportunities.


From personalized services to real-time data analytics, our technology is crafted to turn every interaction into a potential revenue stream. 


A collaboration that continues to grow, MUTUALISM is platform and alliance that is creating the next generation intelligent cockpit together.


Now, with new partners for navigation, cybersecurity and more, MUTUALISM is featured in Project arrow - the first Canadian zero emission concept car.  


Open Architecure


Book Your Live Demo at AutoTech Detroit 2024!

Visit our booth at AutoTech where we're showcasing our netpeople powered AI assistants in a live demo vehicle.


Don't miss this chance to interact with our technology and speak directly with our experts.

Date: June 5-6
Location: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI
Booth: 509 - Ontario Pavilion
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